The Spring issue had a fascinating post comparing haute cuisine to haute couture. The food item they showcased: molten lava cake turned mug cake. They talked about the way the first lava cake was attributed to the renowned French chef, Michel Bras who revived his chocolate coulant. He was the first one who made independently portioned lava cakes that entailed placing cold ganache interior cake batter and freezing it immediately. The effect: a cake that’s cooked on the outside with the interior still runny. This idea made its way to additional Michelin starred restaurants and after that down the rankings to casual dining restaurant chains, theme parks and then that the frozen food section of grocery stores and Wal mart.

But wait it does not end there. The latest rendition of Michel Bras chocolate coulant is chocolate mug cake. Mix the ingredients into a microwave oven safe mug and microwave oven for a few minutes. An independently sized chocolate cake with a runny center. One produced from scratch – One produced from Dr. Oetker Mug Cake minute powder – Taste testers: Please attempt a bit of each and comment on the appearance, flavour and texture.

Which do you like more? Can you make mug cake? My thoughts: I’m far more mindful of preservatives and additives in boxed combinations and how that can affect the taste. Nevertheless, in previous taste tests, they’ve sometimes been hard to detect. The homemade version requires milk, eggs and vanilla, therefore I believe the taste and texture will be better overall because of these fresh ingredients. But who knows? Its a mug cake. What will they think of next? The uncover! Thank you everybody for submitting your comments. Here’s the uncover! Cake A: From a mixture – Cake B: From scratch – The results: There were mixed reviews using both the minute and home made mug cakes.

The minute one was too dry and the home made one wasnt sweet enough. Nevertheless, neither of those mug cakes were runny in that the middle. And even as a normal chocolate cake, they both didnt look attractive. But people were paved by the amount of calories in a cup cake 420 calories. Neither of those mug cakes looked attractive and there were problems with texture and taste. Why settle for a mug cake which has challenges with texture and taste? My advice: Treat yourself right and spend some time to measure out that the ingredients, grab a muffin tin and bake a few nice lava cakes in the oven. Or if you prefer, just go out and then get yourself a really nice piece of cake.